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Strong Left leaning Rolling Stone 

publishes an honest article

on the Trump-Kanye dinner 

- Trump did not know Fuentes until the meeting

- Did not know he was coming with Kanye

- Was a planned ambush by Milo Yiannopoulos "to make Trump's life miserable"

Karen Kingston 

FDA own Emergency Use Authorization documents shows Covid mRNA shots

-INCREASES chance of getting Covid

- Potential risks of myocarditis & other heart issues

-Neurological risks


Much more...

*FDA approved use despite known risks

*Did not properly or adequately inform the general public of these risks

*A massive pro shot campaign was launched by Big Pharma & Govt downplaying any risks 

Still a good role model Klaus Schwab? 

There are no "good" Communist Countries EVER

Not Cuba, Not Venezuela, Not China

Howard Stern did not know

who Nick Fuentes was

Unspoken fact:


Has anyone asked Kanye why a black man & a white supremacist are traveling around together like best friends?

Is a shared view about Jews enough to explain it? 

Hillary Clinton to "election deniers"

Hold My Beer

Denies election results

of election that hasn't even happened yet

(always assume the opposite of what a Democrat/Leftist says publicly

in this case they are the ones who will attempt to steal - that's what they do)