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Headline Clash (HC) is a Pro America, Pro Liberty, Anti-Communist, Anti-Socialist, Anti-Leftist news curation site that finds & presents various news sources in a way that counters mass media information manipulation narratives that have grown increasingly hostile to traditional American values of liberty & independence.   

HC perspective on viewing the news of the day is through a Classical Liberal leaning lense. See "liberal" original classical meaning HERE.

"Clash" refers to HC's clashing headline perspective against "traditional" (it's anything but traditional America) "mainstream" media information outlets. 



HC is currently a 1 man show with no support staff & working on free time with no pay. HC has no desire to be turned into a cluttered scrolling billboard ads mess that is seen on other conservative news sites therefore  multiple donation options have been made available (bottom of home page as well as this one) for those who find HC of value & want to help expand HC influence. HC is fundamentally about information content with a mission to be a source of light in a world that seems increasingly bent on obscuring truth by the darkness of censorship, threats, and other means. If you have a headline tip or have any questions, you can reach HC via the "Contact" page.
Finally, I'd like you to view Headline Clash as a tool that can be used at any time. Tools can be used to help fix things that are currently broken. One of the things that has become increasingly revealed the last number of years is the way we generally receive information IS BROKEN. We live in a time like no other in history. The amount of information we see & consume is HUGE. What's sorely needed isn't just more information (more does not mean better) but rather more effective ways to sift, consume & digest all the information. As more tools that help with this become available to you (here & elsewhere), I believe you'll start to see how all those apparent individual news items of the day actually share more in common with each other than first understood to be. If HC helps to make some sense of all the information your subject to on a constant basis then I will consider this adventure a success.     
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