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1st Ever Meta Review Study on Anti-Depressant Med Effects on Depression conclusion: "We conclude that it is impossible to say that taking SSRI antidepressants is worthwhile, or even completely safe."



World Divide Growing


Marked By

Climate Change Energy Policies

Dollar Trade Currency


Fossil Fuels/Traditional Energy

Alternative to Dollar


Russia/BRICS Publicly Announce Creating New Global Reserve Currency Meant to Challenge US Dollar & EURO Status

Likely Effects

Will Soften Effects of Trade Sanctions against Russia

US Dollar rates rise (temporary?)

Import Good Prices Rise 

Inflation Increases More


Alternative Non-Negative Views on USD Major Reserve Staus Being Challenged


Multiple Links (3)


4Chan Claims Hacking of Hunter Biden Accounts

 Illegal Activities Shown 

John Paul Watson: Go Woke Go Broke

 Talks Top Gun Maverick vs Buzz Light Year, Netflix, & other Woke Entertainment & Sports  Stuff

Churches & Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

around the Country under attack

by "Pro-Choice" Domestic Terrorists

(41 in 40 days so far)

Mass Media Silent Double Standard as Usual

Hat tip Citizen Free Press

Once again though ignoring Role Media plays

in priming people's actions & radicalizing individuals

US Military Social Media bots
20 Mar

Major Canadian Study. Grade School Kids Least Covid Risk

            - Canadian Paediatric Society 

                        (27 Sept, 2021)


Hunter Biden Laptop

Louisville Chief Health strategist on Covid & Covid shot distribution "suddenly & unexpectedly" dies at age 36. WHY?

                   - Courier Journal 


After all this time why now the admission of Biden's laptop? 

                   - American Greatness 


22 Mar

Red truck vs Tornado that flips it. Truck wins. Incredible video. 1 of multiple tornadoes that hit Texas yesterday. Spring tornado season has arrived.

                       - Twitter