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2000 Bush-Gore Electoral College Votes

& Ohio Votes in 2004

Democrat Party Fights to

PREVENT Electoral Votes

to stop Bush from becoming President

Bush Gore 2000

Some J6 Footages not being shown at the show Hearing or in major media

Can you guess why?

This is not to ignore the other known scenes of fighting trumpeted by media but to bring more balance to "mainstream" reporting of the event that day. Many were NOT there to riot

Cap Police & Protestors working things out Peacefully

Officers allowing Protestors in. Mostly peaceful scene. Officers don't look in fear at this time. 

Cap Police & Protestors together inside

no confrontation not rioting

Patriot warning people about bad elements (Antifa) within larger crowd & telling people to leave for their own safety

Starting around 4:24 mark Patriot telling protestors to be respectful of Chamber - extended footage inside chamber ending in prayer by "The Shaman"

Again despite legal issues is a peaceful scene

(Language Warning)

Ray Epps Video
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