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        Putin's invasion of Ukraine has put a spotlight on

            U.S. dependence on adversary foreign nations

                     for it's domestic energy needs

(4 Mar, 2022)

World Economic Forum's

Great Reset:

Why Rogan Podcast Is Attacked:

Free Exchange of Thought 

(Challenges Mainstream Info Controls: 11 Million listenership per episode)




*Video Language Warning
(21 Feb, 2022)
China President Xi Jinping

 (Why? Perceived racism & complaints from some Universities)

(24 Feb, 2022)
Store Looted in California

Shocking - Communist Democrat Policies Actually Lead To An Environment That  Hurt Businesses And The Public

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      What's Best for Patient Needs


         The Financial Bottom Line?



Hospitals incentivized to administer only "approved" "treatments"

- Association of American Physicians & Surgeons-


State negative influence on Church/State

  1. State churches push State propaganda


  2. Churches remain open IF...


  3. Church + KGB


Religion positive influence on Church/State


   1. Clergy influence on American Revolution

-Oxford UP/JSTOR-

   2. Political Sermons & American Rev


   3. Preaching the Insurrection


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